Resident Move-Out Instructions

Move-Out Instructions

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your tenancy at the property. If you are reading this your lease is most likely expiring soon and this should help you with the move out process. Our leases typically expire on the last day of the month.  Please check your lease or contact your manager if you are unsure of the lease expiration date.  

Please make sure you are aware of the move-out procedures below and have made arrangements to complete your move by 5pm on the last day of the month that your tenacy ends. If you will not be able to return keys by 5pm on the last day of your lease, please make arrangements with your property manager.  Be sure to communicate the instructions below to your roommate(s), if applicable, as well.

Security Deposit & Move-Out Inspections
Your security deposit will be processed and any amount due will be returned with-in 30 days after your lease ends.  
Your security deposit can not be used as the last month’s rent. You are required to pay rent when it is due and in accordance to the terms of your lease. Any unpaid balance (including rent, late fees and non-sufficient funds) will be withheld from your security deposit.

A move-out inspection will be performed on the unit. You are welcome and have the right to be present during the inspection, but your presence is not required. The purpose of the inspection is to determine what, if any, damage has occurred to the premises since you took possession. Any expenses incurred as a result of excessive damage will be withheld from your security deposit.  Should the security deposit cover only a fraction of the amounts owed, UrbanOne Properties will bill you for the additional charges. 

Deposits can be mailed or returned by ACH direct deposit.
Please provide forwarding address below if you would like your check to be mailed.
If you would like your deposit to be sent by ACH deposit, please download the PDF in the link below and email to [email protected]


When vacating your unit, we recommend that you hire a cleaning service. If you are in need of a cleaning service contact your property manager at (832) 974-0009, and he or she will be able to refer you to a qualified cleaning service company. Be sure to clean the bathtub/shower, toilet, interior/exterior of all appliances, all counter tops, interior/exterior of all cabinets, and floors throughout the apartment. These are the areas that typically need the most attention and are the reason behind the vast majority of tenant charge-backs at move-out.  Do not spackle walls to fill nail or screw holes or paint the walls or trim, unless you have been instructed to do so.  Repair of holes for items such at TV's or larger items may be charged at move-out.  
Carpets: Please vacuum and/or shampoo carpet to remove any stains in carpets that were not present prior to your move-in.
Wood/Tile/Ceramic Floors: You are required to sweep clean and mop the floors. Do NOT use oil based cleaners such as Murphy’s Oil or Old English to shine them up. Failure to clean the floors could result in additional charges against your deposit.
Returning Keys     
Make arrangements to return ALL sets of keys to UrbanOne Properties immediately after vacating the apartment. Your keys may include, but not limited to, building, apartment, mailbox, storage, laundry, and bike rooms. Please return any garage door openers, gate cards, laundry cards, parking and pool passes as well.

The prompt return of all keys is important because you remain in possession of the property until the keys have been surrendered, a quick turnover is often necessary to accommodate the future tenant’s move-in deadlines, and failure to comply will result in a change of lock fee which will be withheld from your security deposit.

Locks & Windows   
Make absolute certain that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Failure to secure the property when you vacate can result in additional charges against your security deposit, especially in the event that your negligence contributes to vandalism and/or theft.

Forwarding Address   
Please be certain that you have provided your property manager with a forwarding of address for security deposit and any correspondents.  Please enter your forwarding address below.

Any other questions regarding move-out please contact your property manager at [email protected] or 832-974-0009.

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